Your ability to create a lifestyle of personal freedom with your Network Marketing Business relies on your ability to follow and then offer a simple process to your team.

One of the challenges most business leaders face is distraction and eventually being overwhelmed. There's so much coming at them it's easy to lose track.

YFP Mastermind Coaching
YFP Mastermind Coaching

Lack of focus impairs business growth.

As your business coach, I'll filter the noise and keep you on track.
You can also bounce ideas and strategies off of me
and I can share insights gleaned from the top leaders I work with.

For example, you might have an idea to try a new strategy.
As a coach, I can tell you if I've worked with someone
who's already tried it and give insight and direction
or recommend against it.

What can YFP Mastermind coaching do for you?

  • Help you plan and implement the YFP Business Blueprint
  • Help you stay on track and meet your business goals
  • Help you increase sponsoring and PV
  • Help you develop your teams of 43 and increase in rank

Some of what we'll be doing:

  • Role-play to help you get practice communicating with prospects
  • Role-play guiding someone through your marketing funnels
  • Review your marketing stats and strategy
  • Give insight and perspective on your progress
  • Give advice on which activities to focus on
  • Review your sales and sponsoring and discover opportunities
  • Team development strategies

Why get coaching from me?

  • I know what it's like to build and run a network marketing business
  • I have access to resources and top leaders in network marketing
  • I have over 10 years of experience in network marketing
  • I have a team of 40 people I can tap into for your success
  • I work with a team of nutritional scientists and wellness experts
  • I was introduced to network marketing through YFP and know what it's like to look at the business from a prospect's perspective
  • I built my network marketing business using YFP and know how to help people get the most out of it.
  • I have successfully coached network marketer distributors in growing their business

All YFP Master Mind Coaching Includes:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Zoom calls*
  • Special messenger chat group
YFP Mastermind Coaching

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*No calls on holiday weeks:

  • - Easter
  • - Christmas
  • - New Year
  • - Coaches' personal holiday

I have a limit of 10 clients at any one time.

*Non refundable


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